I was commissioned to design the cover for the March 2022 issue of Millionaire Magazine.
Established in 1990 by publisher Virgilio Degiovanni, ‘Millionaire’ is a monthly business magazine that has been on newstands across Italy for over 30 years. The magazine is known for collaborating with artists and graphic designers on its creative cover designs. 

The cover story was about the positive social and environmental impact that can be generated by doing business. The brief was to produce a typographic treatment of the word ‘IMPACT’. Avoiding the connotations of galactical collisions and disasters, I looked to emphasise the positive impact that humans can make on the planet if business and economic growth is managed correctly.
I experimented with various options, from which three rough concepts emerged.​​​​​​​

Concept 1: letterforms emanate from a vertical surface. The perspective lends the piece a ‘big bang’ feel, suggesting new beginnings – a constructive rather than destructive impact.
Concept 2: the type piece acts as a single form. The ground can be considered the present; beneath represents the past (shadowed, dark) while above represents the future (exposed and bright).
Concept 3: the letterforms rise gradually, from ‘past’ (left) to ‘future’ (right). Finally, the T stands above ground, casting a long shadow symbolic of humankind’s long-reaching effects on the earth.
I explored some concepts using colour:
Concept 3 was the chosen idea to explore further. I created a vector version of the type piece in Illustrator, enabling me to experiment freely with colour variations.
The client opted for a mono version - the chosen colourway is shown below.
Having lost some visual interest with the removal of colour, I employed various techniques to give the piece detail.
Using construction lines, I was able to set the subtitle in the same perspective as the main type, adding to the perspective effect across the whole space:
And here's the final published work:
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