Cover illustration for Issue 3062 of New Scientist magazine
Final artwork:

The lead feature, 'A NEW KIND OF LOGIC', examines current attempts to create a 'new logic' that will see us safe through the era of big data. It explores developments in the classical theory of logic, before moving on to logical innovation from an unexpected quarter. The “spooky action at a distance” that characterises quantum theory – particles apparently influencing each other instantaneously over distance – is forcing quantum theorists to think very carefully about causes and effects. The article asks if the emerging quantum theory of causal inference might allow us to think our way clearer through a thicket of data towards a “theory of everything”.


The editorial brief was to create a confusing labyrinth of stairs to convey the difficulties of navigating the new era of big data. I decided to incorporate the words 'cause' and 'effect' as a way to provide structure and semantic value to the piece. I created a simple custom alphabet in a uniform, geometric block style to display this.
Initial block text form.
I created a 3D wire-frame in 3-point perspective.
Using a pencil initially and finishing in ink, I cut away at the wire-frame to produce confusing planes that intersect and connect.

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