JUST DO IT // Nike commission #1

I was commissioned by Nike to produce two mono T-Shirt designs for Summer ‘18.
This is the first of two.
Concept 1 was Nike’s iconic JUST DO IT tagline composed of buildings within a city - the city representing a huge obstacle/training course.

For the summer season Nike wanted to communicate the idea that athletes don’t necessarily need to work out at the gym....they could also do it outdoors. The cityscape could be inspired by NYC but needed to be universal enough to sell in NYC, LA, Brazil or London. It should feature no major landmarks.

I first worked to set up a perspective scheme for the JUST DO IT text, creating footprints for buildings and other built structures around it. Next I created the 3D landscape by extending each footprint, varying heights to give a cityscape feel, making sure the JDI text was always paramount. Then I gradually incorporated training elements into the scape - basketball courts, football pitches, obstacles, battle ropes, pull-up bars, parkour platforms, barbells, skate ramps, weight-plates, kettlebells etc. I used a rope motif in place of a river that threads through the cityscape.
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