SWOOSH CITY // Nike commission No.2

I was commissioned by Nike to produce two mono T-Shirt designs for Summer ‘18. This is the second of two designs.

Concept 2 was Nike’s iconic 'swoosh' composed of buildings within a city - the city representing a huge obstacle/training course.

I first worked on some footprint designs for the swoosh, which broke the form up into blocks and shapes that could work well for buildings and other built structures in the piece. Next I created the 3D landscape by extending each footprint, varying heights to give a cityscape feel.

This piece placed some considerable constraints on my normal working style. Usually I like to really push perspective to give an impactful scene - making buildings very tall and setting a viewing angle that gives punchy geometry and strong angular shadows. However, because i needed to retain the integrity of the 'swoosh' device, I needed to reign in the heights of the buildings and set an angle that was more overhead than offset. This makes for a less ‘daring’ piece than the Just Do It one.

Once I had a footprint I liked, I gradually incorporated training elements into the scape - basketball courts, football pitches, obstacles, battle ropes, pull-up bars, parkour platforms, barbells, skate ramps, weight-plates, kettlebells etc. I used a rope motif in place of a river that threads through the cityscape.
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