A series of typography experiments that play with 3D space to create opposing words when viewed from different angles.
I start with basic sketches of the letter forms, before modelling them in Styrofoam and filming a final 'fly-past' that shows both words in one swoop.
Love & Hate - Initial concept sketch
Love & Hate - I decided to tweak the 'E' character, so I did a bit of sketching halfway through the modelling process!
Love & Hate - Process video showing the model-making using Styrofoam
Love & Hate - Styrofoam model based on concept sketches, shown from 3 angles
Love & Hate - Final piece: 'fly-past' video of the model
Black & White - Initial conceot sketches
Black & White - Process video showing the model-making in styrofoam and painting with Acrylic
Black & White - The styrofoam model shown from 3 angles
Black & White - Final piece: 'Fly-past' video of the model
Real & Fake - Initial concept sketches
Real & Fake - process video of initial sketching, marker rendering and final model
Real & Fake - Final piece: 'Fly-past' video of final model
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